Great Nude Artists

BLUMBERG, Ron (1908-2002)

Born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1908, Ron Blumberg began his artistic career in New York City, where he was soon accepted into the group of American artists working there during the 1930's which included Milton Avery, Raphael Soyer and Max Weber. The New York Period paintings and drawings from this period demonstrate Blumberg's masterful ability for recording the urban scene in his own style, reflecting a blend of the innovative art techniques of the day with the artistic values of the realist tradition. Several rare and superlative portraits from Blumberg's earlier Paris and New Orleans years brilliantly reveal the artist's skillful mastery of the art of portraiture and his sensitive and refined approach to the genre. Blumberg's work has been the subject of numerous museum and gallery exhibitions and is presently included in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Hirschorn Museum in Washington D.C., and the California State Executive Mansion in Sacramento.

ELMORE, Alfred (1815-1891)

After learning to draw from the sculptures in the British Museum, Elmore studied at the Royal Academy Schools from 1832. He then travelled to Paris, Munich and Rome before returning to London in 1842 and exhibited at the Royal Academy regularly until his death.

KOSA, Emil Jean Jr. (1903-1968)

Southern California painter, muralist, lithographer, Kosa, born in Paris, moved to the US at age four. As a young man, Kosa studied art at the Prague Academy, the California Art Institute in Los Angeles and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris (1927-28) under Kupka and Laurens. Upon his return to the US, he studied and taught art at Chouinard and Otis Art Institutes in Los Angeles and later often taught classes in nearby Laguna Beach.