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BOUNDEY, Burton Shepard (1879-1962)

California Landscape Painter

Having studied with Robert Henri and George Bellows in NYC, Wisconsin born painter and muralist Burton S. Boundey settled in Monterey, California in 1927, taught at the Carmel Art Institute, and distinguished himself among landscape painters for his "modern" feeling-for his ability to reduce the landscape to strong composition and simplified form. Equally facile in both oil and watercolor, his landscapes and marines of the Monterey Peninsula have gained him national renown.



Watercolor on paper, 13 x 17"

Signed lower left: Burton S. Boundey.

Date: c1935

Provenance: Estate of artist

FRIES, Charles A. (1854-1940) paintings

San Diego Painter

Born in Ohio, painter and lithographer Charles Fries achieved great success and fame as a well-published illustrator and portraitist in NYC, before moving with his family to Southern California and settling in San Diego in 1896. The "Dean of San Diego Painters," Fries achieved great success and fame as a painter of atmospheric desert and back-country landscapes.



Monochrome watercolor on paper, 9 x 11-1/2"

Signed lower right: C.A. Fries

Date: 1893

Inscribed verso: 1893









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