WALT ALONZO LEE (1888-1980)

Walt Lee was born on March 21, 1888 in Pasadena, California, on a ranch that was located at what is now the corner of Lake and Colorado streets. Lee studied with Hanson Puthuff and Paul Lauritz. He later taught cartooning at the Chouinard Art School (1933-35) and was art director of Illustrated Daily News. He then headed the cartoon department at the Los Angeles Times until retirement in 1954. After retiring, he lived in Lancaster, California, where he taught painting and was active in the local art scene. He died in Tujunga, California on March 12, 1980.


Oil on masonite, 25 x 30" (1957)

Original paper label, attached verso, inscribed: 25" x 30" / "A BIT OF THE MOJAVE" (Hi Vista) / (in script) Walt Lee / Lancaster - Calif. - 1957

Custom framed


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